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In the course of doing business, a typical organization produces many different kinds of content; for example: legal contracts, marketing proposals, product design specifications, manufacturing process documents, etcetera.

Although these different types of documents might share a small set of common properties, each type of content has unique attributes, and each might be created, used, shared, and retained in different ways.

Content filter updates contain updated data about phishing Web sites, Microsoft Smart Screen spam heuristics, and other Intelligent Message Filter updates.

Content filter updates are generally about 6 MB and contain data that is useful for longer periods of time than other updated spam data.

is used to set an element's content, any content that was in that element is completely replaced by the new content.

Additionally, j Query removes other constructs such as data and event handlers from child elements before replacing those elements with the new content.

This sample on updating the content of web maps and web scenes will demonstrate the following To run through the sample, we require some published web layers, web maps and web scene items.

Content types can be defined for any item type, including documents, list items, media files, and folders.

Content is most often shared to Facebook in the form of a web page.

The first time someone shares a link, the Facebook crawler will scrape the HTML at that URL to gather, cache and display info about the content on Facebook like a title, description, and thumbnail image.

Consider the following HTML: properties on links to absolute URLs, and Internet Explorer prior to version 9 will not correctly handle HTML5 elements without the addition of a separate compatibility layer. Note: In Internet Explorer up to and including version 9, setting the text content of an HTML element may corrupt the text nodes of its children that are being removed from the document as a result of the operation.

Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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The Facebook crawler needs to be able to access your content in order to scrape and share it correctly. If you require login or otherwise restrict access to your content, you'll need to whitelist our crawler.

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