Ethiopian dating societies

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Ethiopian dating societies

Details on the origins of all the peoples that make up the population of highland Ethiopia were still matters for research and debate in the early 1990s.

Anthropologists believe that East Africa's Great Rift Valley is the site of humankind's origins.

In ongoing research on this subject, I intend to write an historical ethnography of Wolaitta, by combining a study of the methods and interpretive strategies of Haberland as ethnographer and product of his time, with new research.

The effort may also allow us to see how his 'facts' and explanations fit with current concerns in anthropology and African studies.

This article is done in the context of a musical framework - answering different , targeted questions about the history, ideas and meanings of this artwork, namely this dance. One of the main dance motives and movements that are implemented in the ritual of performing of Eskesta are as follows: the Shepherd and his herd, religious commitment and praying (Coptic dance, Jewish roots) and as a matter of meditation.

It aims to popularize this not very well known dance and to show one of the brightest sides of Ethiopia - its cultural heritage! The extraordinary diversity of dances is a result of different cultures and people, often organized horizontally (grouped in space) in comparison to the European people who are vertically stratified.

Ideology – the Ethiopian name “Eskesta” means actually “Dancing shoulders”; it is often practiced in the Northern parts of Ethiopia (Amhara group) where the indigenous tribes of Amhara, Wollo, Gondar etc. The motives and characteristics of the dance are often interchanged during the dance by the performers of the variety of war songs, hunting songs, Shepherd songs, love songs and work songs.

The best dancer is appointed to the leader of the group and respectively the best singer.

Kenya is a popular tourist destination because of its many national parks and game reserves. The map also has a few of Kenya's key towns and cities.Therefore, I think that starting this particular change, first of all from my own environment and society will make difference and will lead to a certain degree of change.The following text represents a small presentation of the Ethiopian traditional dance - Eskesta. Artist Intention artwork – the intention of the artwork is to transmit certain ideas, religious beliefs, historical events, ancient stories, emotions, thoughts and to express them trough a peculiar way of body movements performed on a certain musical background.As the subject of this paper will eventually be elaborated into a book, I aim to be brief here and illustrate the value and challenge of such a reconstruction effort.The study also is meant to contribute to understanding the dynamics of regional identity in today's Ethiopia, which has been struggling with a very problematic implementation of ethnicity-based federal policies since 1991.

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