Ryosuke dating

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Ryosuke dating

Ryosuke is grouped with Yuuya Kizami, Tomohiro Ohkawa, Kai Shimada, Tohko Kirisaki and Emi Urabe after entering Heavenly Host.

He is the group’s first casualty as he gets caught in a trap early on and suffers from a serious leg wound.

Right now, I’m sorry for my behavior..this is the only way that I know. I looked at those from the first row...second row...third row...

I’m not being rebellious because I hate them..fact, I admire them. I want to find the girl for me and be happily married just like my parents. I kept on wishing that to myself while roaming my eyes around the room.

Ryousuke cannot enjoy himself while living with the Death Goddess Lisara under a contract, because he gave up his erotic spirit under the deal.Ryosuke is a teenage boy with below average height and average weight. He wears Byakudan Senior High School male uniform, consisting of a white shirt, a blue striped necktie, a Byzantium purple blazer, black pants, and brown shoes.He is Tomohiro Ohkawa's best friend, and they always go to school together. I gulped, trying to control the emotions spreading out through me. I wanted to leap for joy, but that would be scandalous.

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